E-Commerce Solutions That Are Right For YOUR Business.

WordPress Development

Make your vision a reality with a website built on reliable WordPress technology that is regularly updated against critical vulnerabilities.

WooCommerce Setup

Create an inviting online store to display your products or services and take payments, set up shipping and taxes, and start offering your goods to the customers who are looking for them.


Get piece of mind knowing that your website will be written to comply with PCI-DSS standards for credit card transactions, ADA standards for media display, and comply with privacy laws for data collection.

Social Media

Connect to your customers! Incorporate your public-facing social media into your marketing with links or by embedding your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page directly into your website.


Get your site in front of customers' eyes with Search Engine Optimization. Increase your search engine ranking by ensuring that your site is properly designed and attention is paid to all details.


Get insights about your customers and site traffic from Google Analytics and personalized SEO scans. Take the guesswork out of measuring your site's conversion effectiveness.

What does 'e-commerce solutions' mean, anyway?

E-commerce means the process of selling products or services online. That deceptively simple definition includes knowing about:

  • How to set up a business, licenses, and tax IDs
  • How to set up merchant accounts
  • Understanding basic copyrighting for images
  • Knowing how to write effective copy
  • Understanding marketing strategies and channels
  • Familiarity with social media

And then packaging all of that into:

  • Understanding domains, DNS and how the Internet works
  • Knowing how to write web pages using WordPress or Shopify
  • The ability to comply with PCI-DSS standards
  • The ability to comply with ADA standards
  • Understanding SEO, meta tags, and keywords
  • Understanding the technology that ties Facebook, WooCommerce, Shopify and Instagram together¬†

Once the website is built the job isn’t finished, though. There’s still:

  • Setting up analytics so you can see your visitors and get traffic measurements
  • Setting up your site with Google so you can see how visitors find you
  • Setting up advertising banners to earn extra income
  • Passing PCI scans every 90 days if required

OK, let’s say you’re done with all that. Do you just stop there?¬† No, then there are the ongoing hidden gotchas:

  • Reviewing your logs for security threats
  • Updating your plugins as new patches come out
  • Removing spam from your blogs and customer reviews

And what about sales? Discounts? Promotions? Who takes care of those?

So, to fully answer the question: e-commerce solutions are the processes and requirements to successfully open and maintain an online presence, geared toward start-ups, micros and small businesses. It is not ‘build a website and walk away’, typically. Anybody can do that.

Happily Retired LLC offers expertise and business-class care at an affordable rate.

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